Important! For those who want to follow my WIP :)

R and B


To the faithful readers and followers of my WIP (work in progress):

I’ve chosen to move my stories to a couple of private blogs STELLARTALES and FLIGHTS OF FICTION. (You’ll also find the links on the right side panel of this blog.) These include R&B, Accidental Wife and a few others. If you wish to receive access please leave your email ID in the comment box below.

Thank you and Happy Reading,

Simi K Rao

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65 comments on “Important! For those who want to follow my WIP :)

  1. hadjerbell says:

    hi i am hadjer and i hope to get access to your private blogs
    here is my email adress :

  2. Sarada says:

    Simi, I would love to read all your works.
    I would like to receive access for stellartales.blogspot and Flightofiction.blogspot

  3. Sarada Ghandikota says:

    Hi Simi,

    I would love to read all your works.

    I would like to receive access for stellartales.blogspot and Flightofiction.blogspot

    Thanking You


  4. purvikash08 says:

    Add me too please :)

  5. Monica says:

    Yes Please.

  6. dvsdesire6 says:

    Dr its me..Divya..I guess I hv acess to
    flights of fiction.

    bt want..access to ur otherblog…
    so pls…addd me
    my email id…


  7. Daisy Patel says:

    i hv access to both the blogs thanks to u :)
    but R&B ? its the story of CH na u changed the name ?

  8. Rafia Rashid says:

    Hey simi all I do is seem to apologise for going AWOL- recently moved houses so no internet and lost my phone but got a new one so wallah. I don’t comment as much as I do but I still enjoy reading your stuff when given the chance so please can I continue to be apart of the lucky readers
    Rafia x

  9. tulika says:

    Simi, will you please send me invites for both the blogs as i enjoy reading your stories!!

  10. Anamika says:

    Hey Simi
    Will you please grant me access to ur private blogs flights of fiction & stellartales. I love ur work n want to read more…
    my id is:

  11. satyabsd89 says:

    i will pls send me invite

  12. ruhi bose says:

    hello simi….

    I read your book and I like to follow your stories too……the aspiring about incurable insanity was my name is the same as the protagonist n after marriage I moved to USA too….

    It was a incredibly good written book….I wish to read more of your stories

    • Simi K. Rao says:

      Oh that’s so nice and thank you for liking the book. :)
      May I know how you came to know about the book?

      My next book ‘The Accidental Wife’ should be hopefully available this summer.

      I have some other stories which were written awhile ago published on another blog. If you wish to read, I’d need your email ID to send an invite.

      • ruhi bose says:

        Oh! I was searching at good read and also my friend mentioned it to me as she loved the quirky humor and the characters………and I was very relatable to your ruhi too once ago….it was a very good read and I wont lie but I read it twice as I loved khanaks humor and her persistent strong will….

        Its….surely will give feedback to your stories too

        Oh wow! I will definitely read this one too…..the title seems as exciting as the story will be….

      • Simi K. Rao says:

        That’s wonderful :) I hope that you’ll recommend the book to your friends too. If you can please put in a review on Goodreads and Amazon.

        I will send you the invite and do comment.

        btw seems like you are a fan of RBO ;)

  13. ruhi bose says:

    Oops simi

    I added a number accidentally it is


      • ruhi bose says:

        Aww thanks!!

        Actually no I didnt know khanak till my friend said it was based on our own indian shows. I went to check the show and fell in love with Khanak due to ruhi….and thats when I actually imagined them as these characters lol! I havent completely finishes rbo becoz I found it boring after a point but did love the first 4 mnths of that show…so I will give credit to ruhi for making me like khanak lol :D

      • Simi K. Rao says:

        Oh that’s so sweet! RBO was probably the only show I followed and that too for the first few months and I was impressed by the freshness of the concept and the actors. I haven’t watched anything since.
        You’ll find Khanak as the name of my protag in some of my stories :)
        Thanks for liking Ruhi.. she’s one spunky girl ;)

  14. lavanyach says:

    Oh Simi where are you? :(
    Eagerly waiting …

  15. hi i am deepthy and i hope to get access to your private blogs
    here is my email id :

  16. No prob regarding AW.I haven’t started reading that yet. But if you could invite me to your blogs where you have posted the rest of the chaps of rhythm & blues and milan.I would love to read them. and off course will put up comments too.

  17. Fruit says:

    hey dear your writing is too good.i would love to read all of them.
    so here my
    hope i will get the access too…thank you

  18. Hi Simi
    I love ur writings, I have become great fan of urs after reading ur book An Incurable Insanity( which i got it with great difficulty from Flipkart ) and Human after all from the India forums :) .i would love to read all your writings.Please give me acess :) .And also Please let me know if there is any continuation for the Human after all.I have read only the one which is there in the India forums and i would like to read there story as i love the characters from RBO .Please give me invite to all your writings :)

  19. I will surely read ur next book “The Accidental Wife”.:) as I love reading Novels and I have already shared ur book but with my Close friends Only as I don’t want to loose the book :) .and Thanks for giving access to ur Blog

  20. Hey Simi I have already liked ur FB page :) and Can also i have access to your other Blog Flight of Fiction

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