Important! For those who want to follow my WIP :)

R and B


To the faithful readers and followers of my WIP (work in progress):

I’ve chosen to move my stories to a couple of private blogs STELLARTALES and FLIGHTS OF FICTION. (You’ll also find the links on the right side panel of this blog.) These include R&B, Accidental Wife and a few others. If you wish to receive access please leave your email ID in the comment box below.

Thank you and Happy Reading,

Simi K Rao

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77 thoughts on “Important! For those who want to follow my WIP :)

  1. Hi Simi,

    I would love to read all your works.

    I would like to receive access for stellartales.blogspot and Flightofiction.blogspot

    Thanking You


  2. Hey simi all I do is seem to apologise for going AWOL- recently moved houses so no internet and lost my phone but got a new one so wallah. I don’t comment as much as I do but I still enjoy reading your stuff when given the chance so please can I continue to be apart of the lucky readers
    Rafia x

  3. hello simi….

    I read your book and I like to follow your stories too……the aspiring about incurable insanity was my name is the same as the protagonist n after marriage I moved to USA too….

    It was a incredibly good written book….I wish to read more of your stories

    • Oh that’s so nice and thank you for liking the book. :)
      May I know how you came to know about the book?

      My next book ‘The Accidental Wife’ should be hopefully available this summer.

      I have some other stories which were written awhile ago published on another blog. If you wish to read, I’d need your email ID to send an invite.

      • Oh! I was searching at good read and also my friend mentioned it to me as she loved the quirky humor and the characters………and I was very relatable to your ruhi too once ago….it was a very good read and I wont lie but I read it twice as I loved khanaks humor and her persistent strong will….

        Its….surely will give feedback to your stories too

        Oh wow! I will definitely read this one too…..the title seems as exciting as the story will be….

      • That’s wonderful :) I hope that you’ll recommend the book to your friends too. If you can please put in a review on Goodreads and Amazon.

        I will send you the invite and do comment.

        btw seems like you are a fan of RBO ;)

      • Aww thanks!!

        Actually no I didnt know khanak till my friend said it was based on our own indian shows. I went to check the show and fell in love with Khanak due to ruhi….and thats when I actually imagined them as these characters lol! I havent completely finishes rbo becoz I found it boring after a point but did love the first 4 mnths of that show…so I will give credit to ruhi for making me like khanak lol :D

      • Oh that’s so sweet! RBO was probably the only show I followed and that too for the first few months and I was impressed by the freshness of the concept and the actors. I haven’t watched anything since.
        You’ll find Khanak as the name of my protag in some of my stories :)
        Thanks for liking Ruhi.. she’s one spunky girl ;)

  4. No prob regarding AW.I haven’t started reading that yet. But if you could invite me to your blogs where you have posted the rest of the chaps of rhythm & blues and milan.I would love to read them. and off course will put up comments too.

  5. hey dear your writing is too good.i would love to read all of them.
    so here my
    hope i will get the access too…thank you

  6. Hi Simi
    I love ur writings, I have become great fan of urs after reading ur book An Incurable Insanity( which i got it with great difficulty from Flipkart ) and Human after all from the India forums :) .i would love to read all your writings.Please give me acess :) .And also Please let me know if there is any continuation for the Human after all.I have read only the one which is there in the India forums and i would like to read there story as i love the characters from RBO .Please give me invite to all your writings :)

  7. I will surely read ur next book “The Accidental Wife”.:) as I love reading Novels and I have already shared ur book but with my Close friends Only as I don’t want to loose the book :) .and Thanks for giving access to ur Blog

    • Hi Mallika! Welcome back!

      Do I know you from before? Have you read An Incurable Insanity? May I know how you came about my work?
      You’ll find links for An II, R&B and some chaps of Milan on top of my blog’s page.
      ‘The Accidental Wife’ manuscript is complete and it’ll be out as a novel soon.
      Please do read and comment :)

      • Hi Simi,

        I found out about An Incurable Insanity while book shopping on Amazon. I have not read it yet but I have ordered the book. Wanting to know more about the author (you!), I came across your blog and have been hooked ever since. However, due to being very busy I have not been able to keep up with the blog and have noticed there have been a lot of additions. I started reading Milan a while back, but could not complete it…when I came back I could not find the rest of the story.

      • Wow that’s nice to know :) Thank you.
        I’m rethinking the story a bit–whether to end it or continue and that’s the reason I took down the updates.

        btw do you live in the US?

      • I don’t recall exactly where I left off, however, I did really enjoy the amount of description and detail that you included…they really bring the reader into the moment.

        Can you give me access to your stellartales blog?

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