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Let me begin by saying Namaste!  Thank you for sparing the time to drop by. I hope you will enjoy your visit here.

I believe that life is a never ending quest and when we find what we have been looking for, we find peace. Many of us may spend our entire lives searching for that elusive something. I thought I had achieved all I could ever wish for when I became a physician. But that was only partly true. A few years ago, I discovered a creative side to me which was clamoring to be let out; one that wished to weave stories and poems about life’s varied experiences. So I began writing and haven’t stopped since.

I was born in the dead center of India, but had the privilege of spending time both in the north and south. Therefore I have been able to sample and absorb to some extent the vastly diverse cultures and languages of both these regions (the very quality that imparts tremendous richness to our country’s heritage,) —a phenomenon perhaps not seen anywhere else in the world. After immigrating to the United States in my early twenties and spending several years in this country, whenever I travel back to my homeland now, I find that I appreciate my roots a lot more. Still there is so much to see and learn, that a lifetime won’t suffice. I try to bring this amalgamation of the east and the west to my writings and spice them with the various flavors of life.

I have written two novels so far– The first one,  a romance with a cheeky, fiery heroine, was released in 2013 to great reviews. It has been now re-released as ‘Inconvenient Relations’ which is Book 1 in the Arranged Match series.

My 2nd novel titled ‘The Accidental Wife‘- a romance with a twist, is slated for release in Feb 2015.

I welcome your thoughts and comments.

Thank you,

Simi K. Rao

11 thoughts on “Simi K. Rao

  1. Nice to hear you appreciate your country more, since many of us have gone the opposite direction, from west to east…….despite all the “craziness” in india, there is so much beauty here and there is much gratitude for it’s expression…..namaste….in peace….

  2. i just stumbled across your blog and i am completely amazed!!
    i love to read and write
    yippee yipeee!! i get to read so much now..!! :))))

  3. Félicitation for your debut novel “Inconvenient Relations” Simi dear
    “LOVE – A temporary insanity curable by marriage” – Ambrose Bierce
    When I started reading the book I read the above quote on the dedication page & I felt like, oh no! I have an entirely different opinion about LOVE…for me “Love is an Incurable Insanity” & there is no medication to cure love ever & then I read the line below the quote which is of the author’s “this tale is attempt to prove the REVERSE….” then I got so excited…& I would say it’s a Brilliant attempt by Ms. Simi K Rao & she has succeeded in it too.
    I Loved this book so much. The author has chiseled each & every character beautifully & expressed every single emotions, love, pain, passion, fear, serenity, ecstasy, possessiveness, tolerance & so… so brilliantly which touched my heart so deeply. I should give credits to the awesome dialogues…they are crisp, clear & amazing. I don’t know whether i’m a slow reader or I read this book slowly relishing each & every moment & every scenes which the author has written so neatly & more in a realistic way without any exaggeration. I guess the latter one is damn true. Not even a single place I felt bored…It was so moving & interesting!!
    “Inconvenient Relations” is a beautiful love journey of two people Shaan & Ruhi, who are entirely contrast in nature. Ruhi is such a sweet innocent fragile beautiful girl but she has an other side too where u could see a feisty fiery Ruhi who is very strong & independent with “i don’t give a damn or take a shit” attitude. You might wonder whether Ruhi is the Goddess of Venus or the worst kind of Bitch?? haha…she is one mercurial character. No one could predict what she is thinking, yes, she thinks a lot, its hard for her hubby dearest to catch up with her horsey brain & to play mind games with her. In short she is brazen beauty. She is one awe-inspiring character.
    Hmm… now what to say about Shaan?? He is my darling!! I love him so. He will be one dream husband for all girls. He is handsome, smart, intelligent, witty, gentle, a pure admirer & an ambitious young man who knows to respect women & love unconditionally & the Jealousy factor in him makes him hot, he is highly possessive & passionate for his lady love. he is a Mr. Perfect with some exceptions.
    Shaan & Ruhi are one heaven made couple. But is their life a bed of roses?? No! Never! How could that be possible?? It’s “Inconvenient Relations”…Shaan lead a life entirely different from that of Ruhi’s. His one blunder ruined everything & made him pay for it till the end. His past jeopardize with his present & messed up all & Ruhi become the ultimate sufferer. Ruhi being a blushy newly wed bride had so much hopes & dream but all gets shattered over night, she felt betrayed & lost trust on her man whom she loved so much, that too so deep & so quick. After this heart break, She says love hurts…does really love hurts?? Did Shaan rectified his mistake on time?? Did he healed her pain?? Did Ruhi ever trusted Shaan again?? Did their Broken relationship mended or not?? To know more you ought to catch up with the book.
    Oh my! How could I miss one of my most favorite character of this lovely story?? Sunshine…i adore her so much. She just knows to live the life to the fullest by embracing love, romance & passion & take them as her companion to the grave yard. Not only her but all the characters in this story are so lively & realistic. I loved all the characters…Sujoy – a friend in need, Debo – sweet babhi, Anu – cute baby, Devayani – loving mom, Mr.C – ray of sunshine, Sajana – X factor, Rainbow boy surjit – smart kid, Rich – gentleman, Des – woman of disaster, Mr. Ahuja (sr.) – the person who made unknown damages, Mrs. Ahuja – Silent sufferer, Tony, Patrik & Andy – envy Shaan for possessing an angel JJ – Gosh! This bird has a serious grudge on Shaan…each & every single characters were perfectly sketched!! Kudos to the writer!!
    “Love is like a WAR, easy to start, difficult to stop & never to forget” so is the love of BEE & GREY…
    they had never ending silly fights but those fights were the base for their Inconvenient Relation…
    Those fights made Shaan to fall head over heels for his wife Mrs. Firecracker, his Venus, his love, his life, his reason to breathe. Enjoyed every inch of this story.
    My hearty Thanks to the author for writing this excellent story & giving me a complimentary edition & taking me into the lovely journey of “Inconvenient Relation – Book 1 of Arranged match series”
    Looking Forward to read your next novel “The Accidental Wife” & also book 2 of Arranged match series…i want my Shaan & Ruhi back soon…i can bet & say your future works will also be as mind blowing & fabulous as this one.

  4. I usually do not read this type of genre. But the author captivated me with a couple of chapters from her upcoming release Accidental Wife, the second book in the Arranged Match. Knowing her writing style, I couldn’t wait to read this book.

    The author elaborated the story with such an explicitly that makes you visualize each little thing, and making you believe that you are actually there witnessing all of it. She mixed different types of humor together with romance, anguish, dreams and so much more in a way that not many authors can. I would like to say that Simi K. Rao succeeded to show that life isn’t a bed of roses, not for a newlywed couple nor for a couple that were married for a couple of years. However this story mainly focuses on the newlyweds and how they face many obstacles along their way. Them fighting not only with each other and others but also with themselves and their inner demons. It’s mainly these inner demons which both of the leads have, that get them sometimes into trouble. At the same time during all of this, they slowly learn what one another is like and slowly build a foundation of trust. However this trust is something so fragile that often scares both the leads. In my opinion its occurs often to the female lead called Ruhi Sharma, although she has justified reasons to question the trust between them. To know more you have to read the book! I’d like to clarify that the story has of course others characters as well that are equal essential to the story as the main leads. Each that play their own role and that contribute to the story to progress. This story takes you to a journey which is so captivating that you’ll find yourself having a hard time to either close your book or your kindle app. I, for one, am looking forward for the sequel of this story and for the upcoming book The Accidental Wife!

    • Thanks for the wonderful review Nina. Glad you liked it even though it’s not what you usually read. :) just wanted to correct you in one thing. Accidental Wife is not book 2 in the Arranged Match (because the match is not arranged in the traditional sense). Book 2 in the arranged match series is called Now And Forever and I’m publishing it on Wattpad. It’s the continuation of the Ruhi and Shaan saga. Do check it out. :)

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